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Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Snowman LED Colour Changing Minature Figurine.

This miniature LED colour changing snowman ornament was inspired by The Snowman story written by Raymond Briggs.  He doesn't have glitter and water swirling inside him, but changes through more colour combinations via a single LED light in the base.  He stands 8cm tall, so he is quite dinky but still very bright when switched on.  He comes fitted with the LR44 batteries needed to make him work. I purchased mine online for £5 from John Lewis, but they have sold out.  They were still for sale onsite there and at The Range. Online I saw them for sale through   Ebay UK    (£2.95 & £3.95 p&p) and from Christmastreesandlights.co.uk for £9.99 including P&P.

He looks great as a nightlight or sat on a window sill and will definitely be brought out year after year!

I purchased this item myself and all views are my own.

The Snowman and The Snowdog Colour Changing Water Figure Ornament

The Snowman and the Snowdog colour changing by water figure is £9.99 from The Range.  Inspired by the book The Snowman from Raymond Briggs, he is 22cm in height and needs 4x AAA batteries for the LED lights inside his tummy to work.  The colours change,  glitter and water swirl around inside him.  It is so relaxing to watch! He is bright and eye catching and still looks impresssive when he is not lit up. The only disappointing aspect is the lack of the Snowdog!

I purchased this myself from The Range UK. Original RRP £15, now £9,99.
Available Here

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Wilko Encapsulated Dome with White Reindeer

If you want a dome/reindeer themed decoration that is not as expensive as the M&S light up woodland dome, then this £3 alternative from Wilko is great. Part of the frosted collection, the ornament measures 6.5cm (w)x6.5cm(d)x17.5cm (h) and has a white reindeer in the centre of the dome.  There is fake snow which swirls around when it is shaken. It is made of glass.  It does not look cheap. It isn't twee but looks like a realistic reindeer.  It looks etherealistic and magical, icy and wintery.  I purchased mine in store.  


I purchased this item myself.
Available here:Wilko

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Gisela Graham LED Light Up Church Decoration

This LED Light Up Church Decoration is from the Gisela Graham range of decorations and costs £8.95. I purchased from Liberty London.  It has a silver tone base, glittery roof and base, and is made from acrylic. It measures 11cm(h) x 7.5cm(w).  It has very glacial, gothic, Lord of the Rings feel to it and the details are amazing. The clock, window arches, bell tower are all intricately designed and the decoration looks like an ice sculpture! The LED light is very bright and glowy.

Available: Liberty

M&S Mini Light Up House Decoration

This light up dome mini house decoration is from M&S and is £6.  It is in the 3 for 2 promotion and measures 10cm (h) and 5cm (w).  It is tiny but gives a warm glow.  The switch is on the base of the ornament. It is no longer available online. I purchased mine in store. 

Book Review: Royals Claimed By The Prince (M&B) K Lawrence, P Jordan, L Monroe

Royals: Claimed by the Prince is a 3in1 book published by Mills and Boon. All three books have been previously published as single books, but these collection books work out cheaper (£6.99 Kindle ) or cheaper if Amazon etc are having a sale.  They are great to take on holiday or as an option ntroductipn to the M&B genre and specific authors.  This collection combines three well known M&B authors - Kim Lawrence, Penny Jordan and Lucy Monroe. 

The Heatbreaker Prince by Kim Lawrence tells the story of spoilt socialite Hannah Latimer attempting to become an aid worker, getting captured and being accused of drug smuggling.  Prince Kamal has to rescue and consequently marry her.  She comes accross as a misunderstood well meaning klutz, whilst he is very proper, will their passion be enough to make a future together. 

Passion and the Prince is by Penny Jordan.  Prince Marco di Lucchesi first encounters Lily Wrightington at a photo shoot taking less than salubrious pictures of his nephew.  She took the job of photographer as a favour to her half brother, but Marco does not know this.  They later meet in Italy when Marco has been told to escort her around and photograph some Palazzos his family own there.  She bumps in to Anton - someone who has tried to abuse her as a young girl and he threatens to try again.  Marco helps her overcome her abuser.  I did not enjoy this book, it was disjointed and dated.

Prince of Secrets by Lucy Monroe tells the story of Prince Demyan Zaretsky marrying the unsuspecting Chanel Tanner in order to protect his country's wealth. Hiding his princely identity Demyan courts Chanel but his conscience is piqued when he realised she is a virgin. This is an update on the Cinderella theme and an enjoyable read. 

received this book via Netgalley and Mills and Boon in exchange for an honest review,  I am a #MillsandBooninsider

Available from: 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

M&S Paddington Bear Resin Gold Bauble


The Paddington Bear Resin Bear is available in both gold and traditional colours from Marks and Spencers.  He is available in store and online. He costs £4 and is part of the 3for2 offer.  He measures 10ck(h)x5.3xm(w).  His face is adorable and the detail is amazing. He would make a great gift for a Paddy Byron Bear lover of any age!

I purchased my Paddington Bear myself. 
Available here: