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Monday, 15 January 2018

Vintage Style Triangular Brass & Glass Jewellery Box

Purchased this vintage style brass and glass open fronted jewellery box from EBay UK.  It cost £14.79 and was from a Chinese seller. The item arrived within 3 weeks, which was well within the estimated time scale, was well packaged in polystyrene and a box and the seller told me when it was posted etc. 

The box has two layers or display areas.  The whole case measures 15x15x20 cm and the top tier 9x9cm. The box could also be used as a display case for very small ornaments - although the triangular shape means that the glass sides make the space narrower towards the top and it may be difficult to fit items in. 

I like the item, the customer service and delivery were great. I would not hesitate to recommend this item to others. 

I purchased the item myself and all views expressed in this blog post are my own . 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Small Rectangular Glass Box

This small rectangular glass and brass box is from the Danish interior design company Madame Stolz and purchased from Posh Totty Designs. The box costs £6 with free P&P on all UK orders.   It measures 3.5(H)x8.5 (W)x6cm(D).  It has a vintage feel to it and is both functional and attractive - it can be used to store keys, jewellery coins etc.  (I use mine for instagram/Jewellery photos). 

I bought mine before Christmas and it arrived within a few days. It was carefully packaged. 

I purchased the item myself , It is available  here

Metallic Purple Handbag Sized Folding Walking Stick by Charles Buyers

This is an update of the previous review I did on this walking stick when I first started my blog. My original review can be found here.  The stick still costs )24.95 plus postage. I still enjoy using this stick, so much so that I have also purchased it in in black.  I also have purchased several more in both colours to use personalise my own walking sticks.  I find the handle comfortable to hold - my hands are only small so sometimes the handles are to big to comfortably grip for long periods of time.  The stick itself is lightweight and sturdy. My original stick still looks pristine and the colour hasn't chipped off despite being dropped on numerous occasions. 

I still purchase these, and all my other walking sticks from the stick and cane shop as they provide excellent  customer service and will advise which sticks can be adapted to my height. 

I purchased this item myself. 

Monday, 8 January 2018

Review: Chip (Beauty and the Beast) Trinket Dish.


The Primark Chip trinket dish is part of the official Disney Beauty and the Beast range. He costs £5 and can be found on EBay UK for around £15.  He is ceramic and measures 12.7cmx8.5x12.7cm.  His expression is exactly the same as the cartoon version - cheeky and full of fun! The detailing on him is gorgeous. He has a the little chip and a gold enamelled nose with enamelling  around his base as well.  The item is well packaged in a box with a circular piece of plastic protecting Chip.   He would be a great gift for any Beauty and the Beast fan! 

I purchased this item myself. 

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Beak & Claws: Nails Inc "NailKale" Bruton Mews

Nails Inc Nail Kale in Bruton Mews is £15 for 14ml.  The NailKale range is made with kale extract, which is known for it's high levels of vitamins A,C and K which encourage and stimulate keratin making nails brighter, stronger, healthier and smoother.  The nail polish is deeply nourishing and is supposed to help prevent breakage and splitting. The Nials Inc NailKale range is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor).  

Bruton Mews is a gorgeous deep wintry forest, leafy green.  I chose this colour to review as it pairs so well with the traditional winter colours - burgundy, deep brown etc which I love wearing.  It applies very easily and smoothly.  No bubbles etc.  It dries to a high gloss shine.

As my neck is totally fused  I cannot look down and I also lack hand/eye coordination and spatial awareness.  This means I find it near impossible to paint my own nails and normally rely on others to do it for me.  If I am going to try and do it myself it takes a lot of patience, a near melt down, angled mirrors - so I can see what I am doing and a nail polish remover pen to erase my mistakes.  The size of the brush, wand, lid -(gripability and comfort when holding the brush matters) and consistency of the polish are all important considerations if I am going to paint my nails myself.  I did do my nails myself for these photos.  They may look a slightly slap dash but they took ages and I put a lot of effort into them!

The bottle is quite heavy and concave.  There is a silver lid that, when removed, reveals the brush and another smaller black plastic ribbed cap. The bottle itself is very chunky and squat so it is hard to knock it over.  It is annoying having 2 lids to take off.  The brush is curved and broad with a paddle design, so fits nicely into the nail bed, close to the cuticle creating a clean line and across the nail.  One swipe covers the whole nail.  The wand/lid is very short and I find it harder to grip than the Paul and Joe Beaute one.  I also feel there is more potential for smudging as the brush wand is closer to the nails and I can't always see where it is when I am holding it and trying to aim for my nails! The consistency of the polish is nice- thick and pigmented and easy to control with the brush.  Two coats and the colour is opaque.

Unless stated otherwise I purchased the item myself.  I use NailHQ All in One as my base and top coat for all my reviews.
Available at Nails Inc

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Alex Monroe Sample Sale Review & #Win An Alex Monroe Butterfly Pendant

I have always loved Alex Monroe's jewellery and the emphasis he places upon nature and animals as part of his design aesthetic. Until now, however, his sample sales have been held in London, mostly at his studio in Clerkenwell. As this is too far for me to travel I haven't been able to go. He held his first sample sale on Manchester Foundation Coffee Shop on 2-3 December 2017 as part of his 30th Anniversary Celebrations.  As I don't live very far away I was able to attend. The prices started at £25. There were both discontinued and also slightly faulty items that haven't made it through their stringent quality control. 1st quality stock had 20% off.  The faults were clearly marked - my elephant pendant, for example, has a hole in his leg but when I looked for it I couldn't see it. My 22ct gold plate elephant pendant was £60 as were my rose gold bee and silver fox pendants. The silver bird and butterfly pendants and ring were £30 each. Some items - the ring, butterfly and bird pendants  had been discontinued.  Some of the Alex Monroe tags had "s" stamped on them.  All sales were final. Alex Monroe pouches were available to buy for £2 each.  The sample prices represented a great reduction - my elephant pendant, for example, would retail at £145 at the full price.

The staff were very helpful and would help you rifle through the boxes if there was a certain design or item you were looking for.  The items were all clearly marked as seconds or samples with the prices and separated into boxes depending upon material and whether they were rings, pendants etc. I enjoyed searching through the boxes but I went when it was quiet - I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if it had been a busy period.

The 22ct gold plate butterfly pendant and pouch can be won by entering my rafflecopter competition.
The competition is open worldwide and starts on 1 Jan 2018 and ends 14 Jan 11.59 GMT 2018.  This competition is in no way associated with Alex Monroe Jewellery. I purchased the item myself.

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Chili Cinema - Watch Films & TV Shows From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Chili Cinema  has arrived in the UK! It is an innovative concept allowing the user to rent movies  that are Farley newly released in the cinema and thousands of TV shows and access them through their laptop, console, tablet, smart TV and smart phone. The user's account can be linked to 5 different devices which can be watched at the same time.  There are over 3,000 films/shows available to rent.  Access to the films etc is through the purchase of credits rather than a subscription service so you are not locked in to a service for a certain amount of time. Once the App is downloaded whatever has been downloaded can be accessed/watched from the comfort of your own home or on the go!!

As someone who cannot get out of the house very much due to long term illness and cannot sit through a full length film at the cinema, Chili Cinema is great for me! Normally by the time I can buy a film, the buzz arose no it has gone and I have lost interest in watching it. Now I can download it a few weeks after its cinematic release.  I am looking forwards to downloading Olaf's Frozen Adventure and Despicable Me 3 over Christmas. TV wise I am going to download Family Guy season 16.

Chili Cinema credits would also make a great gift for anyone who is in hospital and has access to WIFI.  My hospital charges £10 a day for a very poor tv system and quite old films so with this you could choose what to watch.

The website is easy to navigate. There are both film and TV catalogues and the search function actually works! The credits are reasonable in value - films are around £3.49 (which is certainly cheaper than a family trip to the cinema) and box sets £16.99. As an account can be linked to 5 different devices it will be great to be able to watch a film on the go or at a hotel (and not have to pay their extortionate prices to access old films etc).  This isn't a subscription service, the user purchases credits.  Films etc are rented and can be viewed for 28 days after purchase.

Chili Cinema
FB: ChiliCinemaUK
Twitter: ChiliCinemaUK

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